Thursday, 24 February 2011

Paper Presentation

The paper presentation session saw two papers being presented, ranging from ‘Philosophical and ethical issues of media being a part of journalistic studies’ to ‘Television and cosmetic advertisements’. Mr. Jojan Job from the Madras Christian College spoke about media from the journalistic and philosophical angle and presented his views on the issue, signing off by saying that journalists should take humano centric approach as opposed to a euro centric approach.
The next paper was prepared by Dinesh Kumar, Satish, and Prof. Venkatalekshmi of Anna University and presented by Dinesh Kumar and Satish. They spoke about the Indian television media pre and post globalisation and also elaborated about the widespread impact of advertisements, especially those promoting cosmetics, on the public.
The main focus point was that because television has the widest reach among all the mass media present today, people are easily influenced by cosmetics advertisements which make them want to try the products showcased to improve their looks.
The flipside was also presented when they presented excerpts from the Broadcasting Code as well as the Consumer Protection Act (1986) and the Cable TV networks (Regulation) Act (1995) which clearly state that advertisements should not be misleading or discriminating.
The results of a focus group experiment and survey conducted by them was also presented, which gave the conclusion that advertisements have influenced people to the extent where 55% of the participants stated that their buying decisions were influenced by television advertisements irrespective of adverse affects on health.

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