Thursday, 24 February 2011

Panel Discussion - Day 1

“Much has changed in India such as language, clothing, culture, marriage, infrastructure and many more” said Dr Vandana. She talked about the role of media in the era of globalization. She defined globalization as a historical and continuous process, which is an exchange between cultural and national borders.
The shift and the change in cities and countries are evident, she said. In the 1990s, the world received much of its programs from the west but the landscape of media has drastically changed, she added. The convergence of media has enabled people to read and write, which has improved the literacy rate, especially in developing countries like India.
 She concluded by saying that technology has brought the change but it is not a cause for globalization and it connects locals to the global public sphere.  

Next, Mr. M.R Venkatesh, charted accountant, talked about the economic role leading to globalization. He said that the world is not globalised but there are certain factors like the internet boom, fall of communism, world trade organization etc. that led to it. He defined globalization in 1990s as an idea and a will to dominate through the army, religion and commerce playing an active secondary role.
He explained that media is and will be the engine and not the catalyst for this change.  

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