Thursday, 24 February 2011

Kiruba Shankar - Our Own Social Media King !

 "I am a strong believer in the wisdom of the crowd," said Kiruba Shankar which sent a roaring reception among the crowd.

Media nowadays are changing rapidly he told days are gone when companies print  and you read what they are printing  but now the scenario has changed they are now acting according to the public demand as people just shift swiftly when their necessary content is not there.

News is quickly done with all tidbits of information in articles in the web this is how companies are covering the public which is acting in the public’s demand, he said
The current minds are coming up with brilliant ideas he told this by citing an example of the website justmyneighbor,com which makes you  know about your next door neighbor

You connect information and are then connected with commerce that’s how business works in media he told this as the concept of media
The clubbing of social media tools in websites and some innovative concepts being introduced has brought a revolution which still has some untapped areas  to cover  has a long way to go he concluded.

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