Monday, 28 February 2011

Better late than never!

The Valedictory Function of the Symposium featuring Mr. Dan Saint Rossy, Public Affairs officer from the American consulate as the Chief Guest kicked off a little late. The director started off the welcome address congratulating our department for hosting an extraordinary symposium. He also had words of praise for students commending them for their tireless work.

The registrar in his introductory address had tongue-in-cheek humour to make on journalists. Apart from congratulating the students on their efforts, he also had words of advice for budding young journalists reminding them of their duties and the necessity to live by the code of ethics despite the possibility of misusing the freedom provided.

 Mr. Rossy had a different approach to his speech starting off by posing a collective question to the audience just to wake them up! He continued by saying that India has for long been leading the world in globalisation adding that social media has changed the way of the world.

Reiterating on a point made by Dr. Marsha Woodbury earlier, he commented that multi-ownership has made it difficult for professionalism to sustain in the American media. He also added that the power of social media has grown so large by pointing out to the hardships faced by the middle-eastern governments due to revolutions stemming from internet streams.

 In the end, the head of school of media studies, Dr. Sridhar Krishnaswamy thanked one and all for their participation and expressed his gratitude to everyone for having made the event a success.

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